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Foam Glossary

Polymer GEL – A gel product that reduces pressure, shear forces and heat build-up. Provides a cool seating surface. Ideal for use in bony high pressure area’s.

®   - A memory foam with slow recovery. Matches the contour of the body and helps reduce sitting fatigue through uniform pressure distribution. The open cell structure maximizes airflow to help reduce heat build up. Medium density recommended for seat applications and Soft density recommended for backs.

® - A viscoelastic, energy absorbing memory foam with inherent memory to allow the material to rebound to the original thickness/shape. Excellent impact absorption and low compression set. It’s open-cell structure maximizes airflow, which helps to reduce heat/moisture build-up..

® Air-Foam Floatation -Insert allows for simple adjustments to be made using two-way air valve(s) that releases air out of the cushion to immerse the user in the foam. Providing superior pressure distribution, ideal for pelvic obliquities and other asymmetries.

Etha-Foam – A high density foam used to build up contours, anti-thrust and abductors / adductors.

High Resilient (HR) Foam
– Also known as polyurethane or “Poly” foam. Low density, closed cell foam – Standard foam. Available in 1 pound “Soft Poly” foam or 2.5 pound “Medium Poly”.

Ensolite® Neoprene Foam – The premier brand of high performance, closed cell elastometric technical foam. Is a synthetic material designed to act flexibly, durably and to resist breakdown by water. It is also used in automotive, industrial, sports and recreational applications.

Upholstery Glossary

Dartex (Standard) - A polyurethane coated fabric that is waterproof, breathable and has two-way stretch. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Dartex (Reversed) - A polyurethane coated smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean. Waterproof, breathable and has two-way stretch. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Air-Mesh - A polyester structured fabric which offers optimal properties in ventilation and cushioning. This material is not waterproof and is considered non stretchable.

Darlexx®x - A three ply stretchable breathable fabric with a omni-directional knit laminate material. It is made of two layers of spandex material fused together with a thin layer of thermoplastic membrane in-between.

Neoprene - A four-way stretch material, laminated to a very thin layer of neoprene foam with a
knit fabric top and bottom. Waterproof and breathable.

Neoprene (Velcro-Sensitive) - A four-way stretch material, laminated to a very thin layer of neoprene foam with a Velcro-sensitive top and knit fabric bottom. Waterproof and breathable.

Vinyl/Naugahyde - A vinyl coated fabric with little stretch and is not considered waterproof or breathable. Durable, easy to wipe clean surface is mildew and bacteria resistant.

Cordura - A textured, high durability nylon material.

Naugaform - A thick vinyl type material that can be carefully heated and stretched. Ideal for “Vacuum-Formed” molded seating systems.

Incontinent Inner-Liner -A polyurethane coated smooth surface that can easily be wiped clean. Waterproof, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Available as a secondary zippered inner-liner cover only.


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